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Health Against The Grain Store


Coming soon: Comprehensive list of Vancouver-based resources for produce, meat, nuts, equipment and more as well as a list of mailorder companies that deliver to Canada.

I can add resources for other cities or countries with information provided by readers like you, please add your comments and I will do my best to update the list.

Here’s just a starting point.

Vancouver – Food

Donald’s Market.  2342 East Hastings, 2279 Commercial Drive, (Unit 130 – 810 Quayside Drive, New Westminster). Independent grocer, produce, bulk, nuts, coconut flour, great prices, great variety.

Famous Foods, 1595 Kingsway. A great place to buy bulk foods, you can pre-order almond flour in bulk. They have organic meats, cheeses and more.

Big Lou’s Butcher Shop. 269 Powell St. Classic French kitchen style butchery, using local, whole-carcass traditional nose-to-tail butchery.

Big Bear Ranch. They’re located in Horsefly, at the foot of the Cariboo mountains, but they deliver to the Lower Mainland, including Vancouver, every few months. I’ve been getting meat from Gigi and Rainer for years. Wonderful pasture-raised pork, beef, lamb and poultry. You can email them info at to get on their email list for the next delivery. Highly recommended.

Vancouver – Non-food

Homesteader’s Emporium, 648 East Hastings St. When I grow up (or when I retire, whichever comes first), I want to work here: beekeeping, books, mushrooms, fibre crafts, coffee & roasting, gardening, composting, charcuterie, cheese making, canning and preserving, soap & candle making,  kitchen, baking and home care, aquaponics. You can buy replacement 2 quart/litre glass jars for the Yogourmet yogurt maker. They have an online catalogue, but no mailorder.

The Soap Dispensary, 3623 Main St. It’s just so cool. It’s a refill store specializing in premium soaps, household cleaners, personal care products and DIY ingredients. I loooove this place, and Linh is so cheerful and helpful.

Outside Vancouver

Galloway’s Foods, Burnaby: #110 8620 Glenlyon Parkway; Richmond: 7860 Alderbridge Way. Bulk foods, organic and regular, Yogurt starter. A huge store with lots of variety.

Companies that send Mailorder to Canada

Coming soon!


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